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About Us

After many years of planning events and activities Reginia Randle decided to become self employed & started her own company, Exceeding Expectations Event Planning in 2002. Reginia is a certified Wedding/Event Planning Professional, she stays abreast of industry trends by attending, and exhibiting at many of the major wedding/event expo's, she also believes it's important to save her cliential time by keeping her portfolio of event venue brands refreshed, relevant, and appealing to all budget levels.

Reginia's experience includes oversight or direct participation in planning and organizing meetings, personal events, weddings, and various event activities. She is personable, intuitive, positive attitude, and results oriented. Over the past 10 years Reginia has developed a professional/personal relationship with each client. We are pleased our clients have done most of our advertising with over 85% of our business coming from customer referrals and repeat business with previous clients.

Phone: 513.607.2090

Fax: 513.741.1070

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